Bellano Acres -  Cafe and Shop
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration     |    Client: Bellano Acres (via Upwork)
Tools: Figma / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects
Timeline: 2 weeks
Imagine a place where you always feel like you're in a charming villa, surrounded by the warmth of freshly baked golden wheat bread and the bounty of delicious organic harvests. At Bellano Acres Cafe and Shop, you'll find a pleasant, informal atmosphere perfect for relaxing and enjoying our aromatic and fresh offerings.
Bellano Acres is a café and shop where you can enjoy freshly baked bread, bagels, and cookies daily. We also offer delicious organic coffee, tea, and snacks. Located in Barcelona, Bellano Acres is an authentic and cozy café where all products come directly from our own farm.
Dedign Process
•Research and Inspiration                                    
•Concept Development                                          
•Typography Design                                 
•Packaging Design                                                  
•Implementation and Adjustment

•Visual Identity
•Packaging Design
•Brand Impression

Design Process:
At the outset of the briefing process, we defined our goals with Bellano Acres. Bellano Acres wished to create an ambiance reminiscent of a villa in the fresh air, where visitors could enjoy homemade fresh products and spend quality time alone or with friends. It was important to create a design that could be organic and village-like, yet also modern, minimalistic, and clean. An essential aspect for the client was selecting the right font that would resonate well with the company's communication style.
The next step involved researching and gathering inspiration to create a mood board. We discussed these visual inspirations with the client to better realize Bellano Acres' desires and vision.
Design Concept Final Steps:
The design was crafted based on Bellano Acres' brand values. A green color palette was chosen to signify a connection with nature, freshness, and sustainability. Clean and minimalistic vector elements were primarily used as design elements, symbolizing the company's quality and transparency.
The selected playful serif font, "Montserrat Alternates," embodies openness and friendliness, reflecting the café's sense of community and welcoming atmosphere.
Individual vector illustrations were created using motifs from nature, harvest, and botany within the company's color palette.
Finally, to create an impressive and dynamic design presentation, several font animations were developed using After Effects.

The Brand Design project for Bellano Acres has been enriching and challenging, focusing on sustainability, freshness and quality, transparency, community, and health and well-being. We crafted a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of the café and shop using a green color palette and minimalistic design elements, reflecting our commitment to nature and sustainable practices. The "Montserrat Alternates" font underscores Bellano Acres' openness and inviting atmosphere.

Balance between rustic charm and modernity
Consistency across various media

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