Role: Art Direction, UX/UI Design     |    Project: Bachelor thesis
Tools: Figma / Photoshop / Illustrator
Timeline: 6 months

The issue: There are many refugees in Europe, especially in Germany. In this project, as a UX/UI designer, I had to consider which product I could use to improve the current experience of refugees abroad using a digital solution.
The task: Initially, a detailed market research was conducted, exploring existing products for refugees. Subsequently, interviews were conducted with the target group, defining the main problems with which refugees interact in their daily lives.
Based on the gathered data, it became evident which focal points were most crucial in finding an initial solution. The most problematic issues were language and cultural barriers. As a refugee, one cannot visit a doctor without language proficiency, even in case of severe health issues. Similarly, accessing government offices without language skills is challenging. Such situations require language assistance, which is rarely offered by authorities.

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